Server plugin configuration

020-prefixesConfigure prefixes (namespaces)Installed (linked)
EDMView Europeana Data ModelInstalled (linked)
authenticateProtect entire serverNot installed
cacheConfigure caching of RDF inputsInstalled (linked)
configWeb-based configurationInstalled (linked)
cpack_repositoryCPACK repository interfaceInstalled (linked)
cpack_serverEnable CPACK package servicesInstalled (linked)
debugSet options for developmentNot installed
flintInclude Flint SPARQL EditorInstalled (linked)
foaf_userManage user accountsInstalled (linked)
httpsProvide HTTPSNot installed
https_onlyConfigure the HTTPS serverNot installed
isearchInteractive searchInstalled (linked)
jqueryJQuery resourcesInstalled (linked)
localhostConfigure HTTP to stay on localhostNot installed
lodConfigure Linked Data (LOD) accessInstalled (linked)
loggingConfigure logging of HTTP trafficInstalled (linked)
networkConfigure the HTTP serverInstalled (modified)
penginesConfigure Pengines accessInstalled (copied)
rdfpathConfigure location of the RDF (ontology) libraryInstalled (linked)
skin_fix_menuFix the position of the menu and search boxInstalled (linked)
skosProvide SKOS visualization hooks.Installed (linked)
storeConfigure persistent storageInstalled (linked)
swishAdd Prolog interaction to ClioPatriaInstalled (linked)
versioned_graphNamed RDF graphs with versioningInstalled (linked)
versioned_graphvizInstalled (linked)
winpathConfigure location of external programs on WindowsNot installed
xmlrdfXML to RDF conversionInstalled (linked)
zlibEnable the use of compressed RDF dataInstalled (linked)

About this table

The table above shows available and installed configuration modules. File in conf.d are loaded into the server at startup time and extend or modify the server. Example configuration files are located in examples/conf.d. Configuration files can be in several states:

Not installed
The config file is not in conf.d and not loaded
Installed (linked)
The config file appears in conf.d as a (symbolic) link to the example file.
Installed (copied)
The config file appears in conf.d as an unmodified copy of the example file.
Installed (modified)
The config file appears in conf.d as an modified copy of the example file.
The config file appears in conf.d, but not in the example directory.

The link in the left-column shows the full documentation of the file. The documentation-page allows for opening the file in an editor if the file is loaded and a connection is made from localhost.

The web interface allows for changing the status of configuration files if the user is logged in with administrative rights. A configuration file is renamed to oldname.disabled if it is disabled while it has local modifications.